Welcome at Agfa

  • One of our core values is Respect. We recognize our people as our greatest asset.
  • We have built together our outstanding reputation and we will only maintain our leading position by continuing to attract and retain talented and motivated people.
  • If you choose and work with us, we are sure you'll find that working for an organization with our impressive history and know-how, will enable you to gain a wealth of experience to assist you in your future career.

So are you ready to shape (y)our future?

Customer value: We make our customer successful by understanding their needs and challenges. 

Innovation: We evolve and innovate. We strive to continuously develop ourselves. 

Above & beyond: We do things right the first time and work smart. 

Accountable & empowered: We hold ourselves and others accountable to deliver what we have committed to. 

Fun, passionate, engaged: We display a positive attitude, have fun at work and are willing to go the extra mile. 

Team potential: We facilitate team effectiveness by actively participating and respecting the needs and contributions of others. 

Openness: We value other cultures, beliefs, values and backgrounds. 

Corporate social responsibility: We focus on sustainable growth, taking into account financial, social and environmental aspects.

Christian Reinaudo, CEO of the Agfa-Gevaert Group

"In 2017 the Agfa-Gevaert Group celebrated its 150th Anniversary! Our company has been going through many transformations. Agfa always succeeded re-inventing itself. During the coming years, we will focus on our Growth project, by aiming at both growth and value creation. This project is about unchaining the capabilities of Agfa’s core businesses, being fine chemistry and image processing on one side and HealthCare IT solutions on the other side. We have great times ahead of us."