Welcome to Agfa Speciality Products

Building on 150+ years of technology expertise, Agfa Specialty Products (Agfa SP) offers a diversified portfolio of polyester-based films enriched with coatings for specific applications as well as advanced chemicals for hi-tech industries. It operates in extremely dynamic global markets, which requires tailored portfolio innovation driven by R&D and agile implementation of go-to-market strategies. Agfa SP operates within the legal entity Agfa-Gevaert, internally aka Agfa Materials, who develop and manufacture the consumable products of all Agfa Business Groups including Agfa Graphics and Agfa HealthCare. In term of career opportunities, this sums up to a tremendous scope of professional profiles with a multinational dimension including support functions and specialties such as Engineering, HR, Procurement, Process & Quality Management to name just a few.

  • You're in charge

    • Agfa SP relies on all team members to contribute with added value within their respective disciplines.

    • You may need to lead a global team that includes colleagues in subsidiaries.

    • You will be held accountable for the results achieved by yourself and your team.

  • Enjoy the trip

    • Agfa Specialty Products has set itself ambitious targets to compensate for the declining market demand for traditional photographic products.

    • We have developed a culture of project management that appeals to both value added knowledge and collaborative skills of all team members.

    • It’s not always easy, but it’s an exciting and challenging adventure for many.

  • Yes, we can

    • Since a few years, Agfa SP’s targets and market relevant innovation has been essential to sustain the company’s growth.

    • Several of Agfa’s product teams can present fine examples of successful market introductions across a variety of markets.

    • Together with the team you are the owner of project road maps.

  • Join a great team

    • Agfa’s R&D department is the second largest in Belgium.

    • A recent internal survey showed that we rate highest our ‘caring and respectful’ work environment.

    • We feel supported in our career development thanks to the permanent education opportunities offered.




Luc Delagaye, President Speciality Products 

Specialty Products is a continuous journey of developing and marketing innovative products based on a strong specialty chemistry DNA.
We constantly are looking for new colleagues, willing to share our passion, creativity and teamwork for creating new opportunities in high-tech markets.
Have fun in working with us!